Box Tree Blight – Questions

Will my box hedge grow back? Yes, after about 8 weeks of getting rid of the caterpillars your box should be back to normal. As long as the stems haven’t been eaten, which is quite rare.

When should i treat the plant? As you as you see caterpillar blight.

When does box tree blight hit? March to October

Where do the moth lay their eggs? They lay very pale yellow eggs on the underside of the leaves on the hedge.

Why does it look like there is a web or nest on the hedge? This is where the caterpillars grow.

When do the caterpillars eat most of the plant? April or July. It’s also the older caterpillars that do most of the damage.

Should i spray the plant with water to get rid of the caterpillars and their larvae? Yes, or you can comb them with a small hand rake. This is to remove the cobwebs.

Do they come back once treated? Yes, annoyingly. This just happened to us (writing in August 19 after initially treating in June 19). Immediately treat again to solve the problem.